Book Reviews and Reflections

I'm really enjoying sharing my thoughts on the books I read, and I hope they are enjoyable for you too, my readers.

I remember during my undergrad, I would rewrite my notes. The rewriting helped me cement the information in my mind. Of course, paraphrasing is something I've worked on since elementary school. Finally, as a writer, I need to get my thoughts out of my brain and on to the proverbial paper. And, who knows? Maybe one of these blogs may encourage further research or give me an idea for a book I'll eventually write.

I currently have another book my husband picked up while I was in the hospital. I haven't started reading it yet, so unsure if it is blogworthy. Time will tell.

I have other topics in the back of my mind for those times when I don't have a book to read, so keep tuned in.

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Thank you, and happy reading!

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