Deborah W Halàsz, MS has been an inquisitive thinker since she was a preteen, with a background in psychology, Spanish, and communication. A self-described perpetual learner, she embraced research as a means to combine her renewed love of music and a long ago discovered passion for psychology and education.

Over the years she dabbled as a writer, choosing mediums such as Blogger, Triond, and Examiner.com.

In 2005, Deborah earned her MS degree in Educational Psychology from Capella University, ending what appeared to be twenty years of continuous schooling. She returned, however, in 2007, to start her PhD at Capella University also in Educational Psychology.

In 2009, Deborah co-founded NK Airplay, an online radio station that continues to draw listeners, where she trained staff, interviewed both major and independent artists, and wrote all copy and PR material. Her greatest accomplishment with NK Airplay was the station’s sponsorship of Boston’s New England Urban Music Awards.

Deborah, next, turned to local artists, who eagerly sought her skills as a reviewer of shows and albums and as a writer of press packages. She has assisted other artists as a consultant allowing them to produce their own press packages.

In 2012, Deborah stepped away from school. It was during a time of dealing with some health issues that she learned about an emerging field in educational psychology, music cognition. Within this field, she found she could merge her devotion to learning, her advocacy for education, and her appreciation of music into one clear entity. She avidly followed the research of others in this field who included educators, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

2015 brings a new adventure for Deborah as she delves into the field of early childhood education. She had earlier interviewed researchers involved in early childhood education and discovered that learning can come as soon as six months. With the added information of the 2014 Summit on Early Childhood education, Deborah felt she had found a niche where she could aid parents and teachers of children from birth to age 8 in preparing to learn and loving learning through programs that include music education. It is her goal, this year, to return to school to pursue an associate of science degree in early childhood education.