FanGirl Deb's Perspective on Jon Knight

I was hoping to have a new book to blog about by now, but sadly, I am still waiting. So, dear reader I hope you will indulge me 5 fangirly blogs which may or may not be interrupted by a book, significant event, or revelation blog.

The Not-So-Secret Blockhead Family
This serves as my disclaimer as well as a glimpse in the window of the somewhat tight-knit group of New Kids on the Block fans known as the blockheads or BHs. The majority of BHs are women between the ages of 25 and 40. There are estimated to be more than a million of us, so certainly we don't all agree all the time, and there are catfights, literally! I'm sure we didn't invent the term, but BSC (BatShit Crazies) has been used a lot.
Lest you believe as my husband that I've joined a cult of crazy women, let me tell you what the mostly sane BHs share in common: We're thrilled that NKOTB has reunited, that both they and the BHs recognize there is a mixture of celebrity crush tempered by a sense of family, and seeing NKOTB is a unique experience that's well, just fun! We know we will probably never date or marry a NKOTB, we respect their personal privacy, and we don't talk negatively about NKOTB or their family.
Now, raise your right hand and … just kidding. Just wanted to let you know I'm one of the saner ones! My favorite is Danny, followed by Jon, Jordan, Donnie, and finally Joe. And, that is simply my personal opinion.

Rediscovering Jon
I've been a fan of NKOTB from the time I was in 4th grade. If I've calculated correctly that would have made me 9. Lusting after a man who at the time was twice my age just didn't occur to me. He was the quiet older brother who only sang harmony. I later learned of his anxiety and panic attacks, but even then, he wasn't even in my peripheral view! The reunion changed everything. and Twitter
Before everyone was on twitter, the guys kept in contact with the BHs through website blogs and vlogs. The award for most blogs goes to Jon! He did a Q&A session via blog and told us about his adventures on the road. During Lent, when he gave up 40 days of twitter, he actively posted in his Jon forum on the site. Before Donnie, Joe, and Jordan started following fans on twitter, and even now, it is the coveted surprise DM from Jon that gets BHs all twitterpated. I've received four:

  • You're making me hungry
  • They're in the garage
  • That will be the kids' names
  • Possibly
I know, no one cares, and I'm not sharing the tweets that prompted the above responses. Twitter gives celebrity contact a much more realistic feel, and I'll touch more on that when I blog about Donnie and Jordan.

What Sealed the Deal
Jon has steadily moved up my list of hot sweet and sexy NKOTB men. Sure he looks saucy lounging around at the pool. But what really makes him stand out for me is his bold honesty, his humor, his humility, and the kiss on the cheek he gave me in January 2010, when the guys joined WAWoo BHs in Bellevue, WA so we could watch Coming Home together.

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The Elizabeth W said...

I enjoyed reading your blogs about each of the guys!
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well :-)