Where am I?

I know where I am, but readers, do you know where to find me? Have you read any of my recent articles or how I've expanded my writing to other websites?

It's taken me a little bit of practice, but I'm finding I'm learning more skills about being a free-lance writer by not restricting myself to any one topic. Of course, my strength is still entertainment journalism, so it is my crutch of sorts when I get stuck!

At any rate, I would love to show you my portfolio! If you like anything I've written, let me know! If you have any suggestions of how I can improve or topics I should cover in future articles, let me know!

You can find me on Triond and Squidoo. While I'm not currently active at examiner.com, you can still read some of my past articles on the site. And, finally, I was most recently featured as a guest poster at JRL Solutions. You can view my blog, One Free-Lancer's Path to Success on its website.

Follow this blog to find where else I might be writing!

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