Have You Ever Tweeted a Free Classified Ad?

Those who have already established themselves as successful tweeters will find that Twitter serves as an excellent means of sharing a free classified ad.

While Twitter was originally established as a way of letting friends know your daily activities, it has grown to be a networking tool, a new way to chat with friends, and a method by which you can share yours or others' words of wisdom. Tweeters also use Twitter to advertise various events and promote their professional services.

Sharing a free classified ad can also be done easily through Twitter, provided it is done in the correct manner. In order to have a link read and retweeted, the tweeter must have established his Twitter account at least ninety days ago; he should have at least fifty unique followers; and he must have significantly engaged in conversations with his followers. Twitter accounts that are newly started with fewer than fifty followers and tweets that only contain links to other sites are frequently viewed as spam and blocked immediately. If you have such a Twitter account, chances are your free classified ad will not get read, let alone shared with others.

Regardless of whether you are selling a special homemade craft, advertising a job opening, or spreading the word about a business opportunity, you can find Twitter to be an excellent medium to let not only your friends know but also their friends and their friends' friends. In effect, when done correctly, tweeting may be the best method to reach the most people in the quickest amount of time!

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