What a crazy year!

I couldn't be happier that 2009 is almost over. It's been a horrible year of job searches, employer rejection letters, wasted job fairs, missed birthday parties, etc. I know, in my last blog, I said I wasn't going to focus on the negative, but this is my last opportunity to tell everyone how much I hated this year!

Tonight is Christmas eve, and what are we doing? Watching a season of Seinfeld while eating pasta. What a way to celebrate. No Christmast tree, no decorations, no presents because well, we can't afford it, and we've come to believe that Christmas is about children. For us, Christmas isn't much more than that. So, we've looked at other ways to celebrate the end of the year. Winter Solstice is one, and I think the other will be Festivus. Yes, if you know Seinfeld you know about Festivus, but we're not celebrating Festivus because of Seinfeld. We just like what it signifies - an affront to the commercialism of the holidays. Tomorrow, we've been invited to a dinner by a friend from my church. She said she's invited "christmas orphans" for dinner. So sweet. At least we won't be alone tomorrow.

Yesterday, I tested for a US Census job. Little did I know the simplicity of the exam or that they wouldn't be hiring till May 2010. That seems to be my luck lately. I applied for a position with the law enforcement support agency in November. Those tests were actually difficult, but at the end, I was informed that they wouldn't be hiring until February. Sometimes, it feels I will never have a job. My qualifications make me look like a glorified administrative assistant with no experience for the job I do want.

Well, I'm just looking forward to this year being over, and 2010 being so much better. More tomorrow!
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