I'm getting increasingly frustrated with blogger.com. Apparently this blog is still being hosted (in cyberspace of course) at my acquiring excellence website. Of course if you try and go to that link acquiringexcellence.com/blog.html, you will find that there is nothing there. I've tried repeatedly to redirect my website acquiringexcellence.com to just this blog, but it still won't let me. I found a link on blogger for just this issue, and it told me it only takes 48 hours to "clear" the issue. It's now been more than a week, and still, no love from blogger.

So, here we come to my predicament. I don't want to keep this at blogspot.com. If I do, then I'm wasting money on my acquiringexcellence website which now has absolutely nothing on it. Do I persist in trying to redirect, or do I get a new domain?

I just finished reading a book called "Crush It: Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion". He recommends using your name as a domain name. I questioned him in an email, and his explanation is that your name doesn't change, but your interests, businesses, opportunities can. That makes sense, but my name isn't really conducive to a website. The last letter of my name is the first letter of my last name. So, do I confuse people with two h's together in a URL? No, if I purchased a domain with my name, I think I would take out an h, and then in the website, make the "H" kind of like a symbol, if that makes sense?

While I've been working on my dissertation methodology review, I've also been experimenting with logos and website designs in photoshop. Here are some of my ideas:

If anyone is reading my blog, I'd appreciate your input. So number one, do I abandon my original website domain or wait patiently for blogger to get its act together. And, if I do buy a new domain with my name, which logo/background do you like best?

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