More dissertation news

I spoke to the developer of the TIPP assessment today, and I think we've worked out a decent plan to evaluate both validity and reliability. I'm going to pass it by my mentor before I write up anything official, but as of now, here is what we're going to do:

In my request for participation, I will assign three dates where all participants will need to attend. At the first date, students will come and take a paper form of the TIPP assessment and leave. At the second date, students will come and take the TIPP assessment again, and before leaving will sit through a TIPP presentation. After the TIPP presentation, students will be asked to rank themselves on both character and sensory modes. Finally, they will be instructed to look for an email giving them access to their results and a list of strategies tied to those results. At the third meeting, students will be asked to complete a survey asking them to list three strategies they chose from their results they decided to employ and whether they would use those strategies again. The feeling is if the students were willing to use the strategies again, then those strategies were beneficial to the students.

I still need to explain my correlation methods / data analysis, but I feel I made some progress today.
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