mentors, committee members... etc

I got an okay from a professor in the school psychology specialization yesterday and was extremely excited. She seemed genuinely interested in my study. But, just as I was about to submit her name on my committee form, I realized that if I did, my request would be rejected. My other committee member is from general psychology, which means I currently have no committee members from the educational psychology specialization, which is against policy. I thought about it and decided well, if I really wanted this school psychology professor on my committee, I just need to find another professor from the educational psychology specialization to be on my committee. It doesn't really seem fair to one of my original committee members, but to be honest, I haven't done anything yet that the original committee member has to see. He has probably been waiting in limbo, well, beside his other responsibilities, while I move slowly through this dissertation process. So, I sought out another professor, one I actually had for a class or two during both my MS and PhD programs. He immediately replied and accepted my request, but then added that he thought I could have chosen a better method for proving validity.

So, now what? Well, I'm not ready to submit my committee form yet. Right now, I suppose I could submit either both names or simply the Ed Psych professor's name, but I'm going to hold off at least until Friday. Tomorrow, I have a scheduled phone call with Shelly Loewen, the developer of the TIPP assessment. I will talk to her again about my plans to prove face validity and also the suggestion for a more rigorous validity study. And, then hopefully, I'll feel more confident about both the direction of my study and my selection of committee members.
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