My Dad's Birthday

It seems I always write on my dad's birthday. Who knew I would still be emotional 12 years after his death, but I am. I listened to song whose lyrics I had read at his funeral and broke down in tears. Granted, I have been a bit of an emotional wreck for a few years now, but still!

Whenever I think of my dad, two songs come to mind: The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire) and Best of Intentions (Travis Tritt). My dad did love country music, so I guess it makes sense two country music songs come to mind when I think of my dad.

So, here I am writing again on my dad's birthday with some ramblings or memories. I've been reflecting a lot recently on why I am the way I am - my choices and those choices made for me. He, of course, left a lasting effect on me.

The greatest man I never knew
Lived in yesterday's world
Dressed in his blue striped shirt, over-worn blue jeans, tennis shoes,
And just a splash of Old Spice

The greatest man I never knew
Saw me always as a little girl
A bedroom decorated with Strawberry Shortcake, Barbies, Dr. Seuss,
And of course, Fisher Price

The greatest man I never knew
Lived as only a child would
Tainted innocence, excitement, silliness
And being naive

The greatest man I never knew
Left the only legacy he could
A soiled childhood, confusion,
And a land of make-believe
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nurhuda rahmat said...

Beautiful piece of writing. May your dad be at peace.