The Method of Loci and Music

In yesterday's blog, I wrote about the Method of Loci. This was a new concept for me; though, I'm sure that other researchers are more than familiar with it. The Method of Loci or MoL refers to using familiar memories to help someone remember the unfamiliar.

Foer conducted a study that demonstrated a positive correlation of the MoL with the improvement of depression. I wonder, though, if there could be a positive correlation between poignant songs and the improvement of depression?

As you could see in yesterday's blog, I struggled to come up with the same 14 memorable events in my past. Music, however, has always been important to me. Perhaps, I'd have more success in selecting songs from the past 35 years and developing the rationale behind selecting those songs.

It appears I'm not the only one who has considered this possibility. Cohen (2013) writes of using music in adition to visualizing memories. Stull (2005) writes about familiar music with aging adults. McCabe (2011) argues that music can be a mnemonic technique. Also consider what Levitin and Sacks have said about the connection of music and cognition. Maybe, for those who are more musically inclined a form of MoL using songs would show an even more positive correlation with improvement in depression?

Having said that, here are my 14 songs - 14 songs matching the 14 events used in Foer's study. Oh, and I have a very eclectic taste!
Maybe I need a playlist of these songs and a little meditation? To my readers, what do you think of my hypothesis?
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