Twitter Favorites and More Goals

What is the point of favoriting a tweet? Do you do it because you like what the person said? Did the tweeter post an awesome photo? Or, did the tweeter post an article you wanted to read later?

In my case, most of my favorited tweets are articles I've favorited. I've had the full intention of going back and reading the articles, but at this point, I have almost 300 favorited tweets, and I've yet to go back and read the articles I thought looked so interesting. I clicked on the first link today, and it told me I needed a subscription to view the article.

Ugh! I used to belong to a number of associations - American Psychological Association and American Educational Research Association, but I didn't see the value. Now, I'm wondering if the value is the ability to view relevant articles on music cognition. That ability wasn't much of an issue when I was in school. Here's another example of not appreciating what you had until you lose it.
Association membership isn't cheap. I really need to take some time to explore different associations before I subscribe because this time, I don't want to waste my money!

More goals? Well, I've mentioned some of these before, but I know that in addition to reading articles, I need to learn more about music and neuroanatomy in addition to research. I found some free online classes in neuroanatomy. They may or may not be CV worthy, but right now, I'll accept any opportunity to learn more about the brain. I've only recently realized I need to learn more about music, specifically music theory, so I need to start looking for those courses soon! Free is best with my present income, but I do hope eventually to seek out some credible certificate programs in both music theory and neuroanatomy.
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