Brain Mapping Webinar - What I didn't learn!

This morning, I chose to attend a webinar sponsored by Neuroscience Information Framework, called BAMS (Brain Architecture Management) - a worspace for macro-connectomes construction, hosted by Mihail Bota.

Mihail discussed interpretations of different datasets of mouse brains and how different graphics look. Unfortunately, it was over my head. I stayed through the end of the webinar, but it only further reinforced what I already knew - I need to learn about neuroanatomy, neuroscience, and of course practical research.

I have done some internet searches for such college courses offered online for free. I'm fully aware that I won't be able to list these courses on my CV, but I also know they will better prepare me for attending future webinars, conferences, and symposiums.

So far, this is what I've found:
There are lots of options. Now, I just need to choose which one is best. Any suggestions?
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