To Write a Book

I've seen so many of my writer friends talk about having a book published or about to be published.

For some, I know they have expertise in one area. Others are excellent fiction writers. And then there are others who make me wonder what are they writing. Some who are years younger than I are writing their memoirs!

So, then here I am, a talented writer, someone I would consider a jack of all trades, a master of none. Writing a book has been on my bucket list for some time, and to me, I feel there's no time like the present, when I'm either confined to the bed or my wheel chair, to write my book.
I have no idea what I should write. My husband suggested one topic, but I was only on page 4 by the time I reached the midpoint of my story. Another friend told me to make a list of topics about which I'd like to write. There are a myriad of topics, but similar to the topic my husband gave me, my story would be extremely short.

Lest you ask, I have prayed about it but as of yet I have had no response.

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