Harborview Details

For those of you curious, I'll be admitted to Seattle's Harborview Hospital on August 25th for up to 6 days. It's an opportunity for my doctor to do a more intensive neurological study on my tuberous sclerosis.

I would love visitors, as long as you don't mind crazy wires sticking out of all areas of my head. Here are the details of my stay:

Harborview Medical Center
Regional Epilepsy Center
325 9th Avenue
Center elevators

Please, no phone calls because I can't speak, but feel free to text me all you want!

As an additional note, for those of you do or don't already have my cell number, I'll have an alternate number where you can text me. Please feel free to message me on FB, tweet me, email me, or leave a comment here!

Thank you to all my friends for caring about me and loving me!

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