Speech Therapy Delayed

After waiting so long to get my short-term disability and the Washington state disability insurance, I had set up my rehabilitation therapy appointments.Understand, dear readers, my inability to walk or speak began in April and were further complicated in June when I suffered a second complex partial seizure.

But I was cautiously optimistic about starting therapy. After having my first partial complex seizure, where I lost full use of the right side of my body, it took 8 months to get me rehabilitated to using a cane. After working only 4½ months,I have another seizure that made me physically worse. As much as I want to walk and speak again, my biggest fear is having another partial complex seizure. And how will I be affected then?

At any rate, I've had two physical therapy appointments, and I'll have a third tomorrow. At that point PT will be put on hold pending more neurological testing.

Speech therapy is a whole different story. Because of this therapist's full schedule, my first appointment had to be scheduled three weeks out. My evaluation was supposed to be yesterday. Again, being cautiously optimistic, I had mixed feelings about the appointment. But Phil refused learning ASL, so confident I would be speaking again, so I reluctantly accepted the importance of this appointment ...... that never happened.

Call it fate intervening, God understanding my cautious optimism, or call it the reality of miscommunication. My ride showed up while I was in the bathroom, and by the time we made contact and she returned to my house, it was too late to make my appointment. Luckily, she was gracious enough to call my therapist's office, explain the situation and request a reschedule.

This time, I only have to wait two weeks, but by that point, I will have been aphasic four months. I read somewhere that aphasia lasting more than 3 months will leave profound effects on your speech once you regain the ability. I didn't want to read the rest of the article. Would you?

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