Experienced Entertainment Industry Professionals, Please Speak Up!

Entertainment professionals, I need your help. For those who don't know I am a doctoral candidate specializing in educational psychology. I have completed all required courses and am currently working on my dissertation. My approved topic looks at transition of adolescents from elementary school to middle school. With my recent introduction to entertainment journalism, I desperately want to change my dissertation topic to one that integrates educational psychology and the entertainment industry. I have some ideas, but I'd love your guidance.

One idea that is sticking in my mind is looking at the controversy of nature versus nurture with regard to talented independent artists. But is there a definitive method/s to determine talent? Or am I needing to abandon this topic because talent is subjective?

Another idea is looking at how education has informed marketing/promotion/publicity of entertainers. This could include the creation of undergraduate/graduate majors; apprenticeships that may have always been there or have recently increased in recent years; and of course social media. There is a very big risk of this idea becoming more of an occupational psychology than educational psychology. So, I will need to take extra care to make sure I keep it inline with my specialization.

Finally, a third topic suggested by a friend comparing the quality of education offered to children actors/musicians with those students receiving traditional public education.

Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom.

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