Another Milestone Reached!

No, I'm not being facetious. My school actually calls them dissertation milestones. And, I've just reached another one: Last week, I was informed that my dissertation mentor has approved my complete proposal and has passed it up to the chair of the department of psychology for her approval.

The next step, which I have already been working on, is writing the first three chapters of my dissertation. I'm mid-way through chapter one, but I'm struggling with the format. Because I have at least 4 weeks before I'll hear back from the department of psychology, I'm going to download some other psychology dissertations and see how they handled the formatting. Specifically, it feels like I'm repeating myself in each of the chapter sections, but perhaps that is what I'm supposed to do?

For those of you wondering, my dissertation will be looking at the optimal learning experience of students as they transition from elementary school to middle school. It will be a year long study with a nice break for summer! So, I need to get all the preliminary work done before January. Wish me luck!
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