Singing at Key Fest!

On Saturday, August 28, I was a finalist at our local county fair called Keyfest. I didn't place, but as some friends and I were commenting later, it seemed very disorganized and more aimed at the younger crowd. There were only three of us there older than 25! Oh well, I had a lot of fun, and I'm glad I did it!

Here is me singing "Love Song", written and composed by Craig Young, arranged by Sean Stirling, and as performed by Joey McIntyre

Oh, and the three that did win? Two were Michael Jackson tributes. They both were dressed in all black with a white sparkly glove. Neither could be older than 12, I think. One sang "The Way You Make Me Feel", and the other danced to "Beat It". The second place winner did some kind of interpretive dance? Not sure if I'll compete next year. If they are better organized and have a separate kids and adults category, I might. We'll see!
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