Last Blog of 2009

True, there is still almost 24 hours left of 2009, but given my track record and timing of when I write my blogs, this will most likely be my last blog of 2009.  Today was an exciting day, though, at least for our radio station.

All week this week, we have put together individual shows for each of the New Kids on the Block as individuals and as a group as a Christmas present to them.  Tonight was the Jordan Knight show, and as a surprise to everyone, including the staff, we found out that Jordan had recorded a special Christmas message to us that the dj played during her show. It was a shock to us all, and she won't tell us how or when she got it.  She is our go-to person when it comes to recording station ids and other advertisements, so it was an incredible present to all of us.  But the excitement didn't end there.

Earlier this evening, my business partner, Jaime, and I conducted a phone interview with Jeff Timmons, formerly of 98 degrees.  It was the first time she and I did an interview together, but it was so much fun, and it was successful.  We each asked our questions, some of which were taken from our listeners, and Jeff was cordial and answered every one except the last one -- which new kid was his favorite.  Of course, that last one was a joke, and he took it as such.  I can't believe we've had this radio station up and running for 9 months now.  I still have no idea how long it will last or what its future will hold, but I am very excited for it as I look forward to 2010.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, we now have station ids from Jordan and Donnie and other featured artists.  One of my goals for 2010 is to get a station id from Danny Wood.  We'll see what happens.

Well, Phil is playing a tennis video game, and I need to put the finishing touches on my Danny show.  All of these "christmas present" shows will be played in a loop on Christmas day, so if anyone is interested in tuning in, check out

I'll see you in 2010!
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