Black Stax on #MIOSM

Black Stax is a band I've blogged about quite a bit. You just need to do a quick search to find out quite a bit about the band, and I still haven't seen them perform live! I'm still holding on to that "someday".

They are huge proponents of affording opportunities to those less fortunate and fighting for social justice in the Puget Sound, tweeting their trademark hash tag, #forwardmovement, with almost every tweet. And two years ago, they partnered with the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) to participate in the STEM + Art (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics) concert. More recently, they teamed up with African artists to introduce Seattle to a new flavor of music!

You can listen to their most recent music and watch their live performances via Soundcloud,

Follow Black Stax on Twitter to keep up with their latest activities. Of course, they're currently tweeting about their latest song, Lucid Life, a collaboration with Gweedo, and why shouldn't they? It's another excellent release from this group.

Here is their response to the need for music education within schools:

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