Calling All Homeschooling Families And Preschool Teachers!

Homeschooling families, are you busy with lesson plans for a child between the age of birth to age 8?
Teachers, do you have a classroom of nursery or preschool students?
I would love to hear about your experiences in 500 words or less. You can be as anonymous as you would like to be, but at a minimum, I need to know the ages of the children, what material you're using, and your perception of how well the children are learning. If you are a business owner, I'd be happy to mention it and link back to it when I post your email.
I am religion neutral when it comes to quality education, so please feel free to contact me regardless of the program or lack of program you use.
As an added bonus, between now and the end of April, I will be giving away three $5 gift cards to Starbucks (you don't have to drink coffee to enjoy Starbucks). I'll give away one at random every thirty days or so to one homeschooling family or preschool teacher who contacts me with a story!
Click here to send me an email!
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