New Year's Goals and Resolutions - Wait, It's not January!

New Year's Goals & Resolutions

I know I'm not the first person who has had this thought, but why not set new year's resolutions for the day after your birthday? This is the first time I'm doing it, but I hope to continue to do so in the coming years. My birthday is at the end of this month, so I set goals to meet by my birthday and resolutions I want to continue through my birthday and forward.

My goal was to be walking with a cane rather than with a walker. I've been doing that for a week now, and today, I took my first walk outside by myself. It was a wobbly walk, but also a freeing walk. I know I will be less wobbly by October 27th.

My resolution is to do more writing. I know, I've continued to state this goal without being able to follow through, but I'm attempting another creative effort. I've decided to use twitter hashtags to motivate my writing, and in doing so, intend to write five days a week.

As an example, Monday's tweets often include #MusicMondays, used to promote favorite artists' twitter accounts. I already write about artists in my blogs, though, not on a usual basis. Perhaps, if I set aside Monday as my #MusicMonday, I can write about an artist and/or album once a week.

The remaining days of the week I've based off of #MusicMonday in that they follow alliteration and reflect my current interests:
#TeachingTuesday will be blogs about education, either an article I've read or current events in early childhood education.
#WritingWednesday will be blogs about writing. I'm sure that sounds redundant, but right now I'm taking an online class that has an optional requirement of blogging about my reflections. Next month, I'll participate in NaNoWriMo. While I won't be sharing my story online, I can talk about how many words I've completed, what inspirations I used in my story, and my word goal for the following week.
#ThoughtfulThursday will be for blogs related to neuroscience, music cogntion, or neuropsychology. Yes, I'm using a word that typically relates to emotions to focus on the keyword, "thought" which of course begins in the brain.
Finally, Friday will be my catch-all day. Twitter has #FollowFridays which is similar to #MusicMonday but is a catch-all for any twitter account that a tweeter has found valuable. I will have #FavoritesFriday and it will offer me the ability to write a second blog in any of the week's categories or something completely unrelated - such as my improvements in walking!

I'd love to hear your thoughts as I start my next blog for #MusicMonday!
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