7 days without blogging causes the number of readers to become weak!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week! It's not that I don't have blogging substance: I have 3 half blogs written! I'm just struggling with follow-through at the moment.

Writing is my favorite activity! I love being able to put the proverbial "pen to paper". When I first accepted the job with Examiner.com, I was ecstatic. I was able to see my skill not only as a writer, but also as a journalist. And then my writing led to an education in music and introductions to new and established artists!

My excitement was beyond anything I'd ever felt before, and people were grateful for what I wrote. Even in my depression, I was able to write, at least, initially.

Now, I'm stuck with half-written blogs, I haven't written for any media outlets in at least 4 months, and I almost feel like I'm losing that creative part of me that could write about anything! I've lost so much, physically and emotionally, over the past three years, but if I lose my ability to write articulate thought, I think I'll feel 100% useless.

Well, this really is my blog to vent. Writing it all out on paper to try to explain myself to others would be pointless and would only result in a sore hand.

I am really going to put forth a diligent effort to finish my blogs I have started. Subjects include Proprietary Schools, Story-Telling Hip-hop, and the New York Jets. Of course, I will also continue my book discussions when I receive my next library book.

So, stay tuned. Don't be discouraged, and please try not to be disappointed in me!

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