FanGirl Deb's Perspective on Danny Wood


"I guess I saved the best for last". The fifth New Kid, otherwise known as Señor Musculos, Lord Condomus- the Trojan, Acoustic Wood, and half the harmony of NKOTB, Danny Wood has been my favorite since I saw the reunion concert of NKOTB in May 2008. If you read my Jordan Knight blog, you know who my first love was. But times change, and the things we experience in life change us.

Danny, Just my Type
Family dynamics and health issues, of which I was oblivious as an adolescent, became central in my life as I was finishing high school. I thought I could handle it all, but I couldn't. And, the result of everything left me jaded, willing to experiment with almost anything and find love in any way it might manifest itself.
When I finally accepted, to some extent, who I was and what I couldn't change, I chose to keep that wild side and never return to that safe bubble of innocence.
While I wasn't seeking the man who became my husband, I knew that the man in my life needed to be bold, tough-skinned, candid, and willing to stand up for me when I couldn't. Perhaps I was still vulnerable, but I wasn't looking for perfect, and I didn't think my standards were out of reach.
In many ways, at least in my opinion, Danny Wood resembles those same characteristics: he's not afraid to speak his mind, he protects what is his, and he's strong. Plus, he's proud of his ethnic heritage and has some amazing tattoos. I would be lying to myself, though, if I didn't mention my shallowness - that Danny is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen, that his naturally tan skin only accentuates his bulging muscles! Sure, my husband has a little more meat on his bones, but like Danny, my man can't be just skin and bones!

Danny, Supporter for the Cause
Danny lost his mother, Betty, 12 years ago to breast cancer. On his original Remember Betty website, he writes about being at his mother's bedside along with his oldest son when she passed. I'm sure Danny progressed through the 5 stages of grief, but given time, Danny gained a new perspective.
Partnering with the Susan G Komen Foundation, which not only increases awareness of the disease, but also provides funding for research toward an ultimate cure, and with his bandmates' blessing, Danny talks about his mom and asks blockheads to join him in fundraising. Since 2008, NKOTB and the blockheads have raised over half a million dollars for the Komen Foundation through merchandise sales, Komen-sponsored events, and special blockhead-organized events.
Like many blockheads, I never knew Danny's mom. There has been no one in my life who has battled breast cancer, but reading stories of how close Danny was to his mom and how she influenced his life compels me to participate in fundraising. I only wish I could do more.

Danny, the Musician
Since the dissolution of NKOTB in 1994, Danny has released 6 albums. His first 2 were distributed under the name DFuse, and the first album was purely instrumental. His second was mostly instrumental with about 10 of the 33 tracks having vocals. His latest album, Stronger Remember Betty, was released in 2009 with all proceeds going to Komen.
It is obvious that Danny sees music as his favorite hobby. If it leads to him becoming a successful solo artist, great. If he only succeeds in his fans enjoying his music, that's ok too. At least, that is my opinion. I think Danny writes and produces his music for the pure joy of it.
This is not to say that he is not a talented singer. He most certainly is. The difficulty is due to lack of promotion, many blockheads have no idea that Danny can sing. He did a mini concert on the most recent NKOTB cruise and surprised many people. There have been NK Airplay listeners have tweeted the station unaware of his music.
I am privileged to own all of Danny's CDs and have appreciated his talented vocals, especially when performed acoustically, since 2008.

Danny, Healthnut & my Inspiration
Many fans have joined the Danny bandwagon because of his "live healthy" mantra. I admire all the blockheads who have lost tons of weight, inspired primarily by Danny's tweets. I wish I was in a position to get super healthy, but physically and financially, it's not realistic. So while I already love Danny for all the above reasons, I choose to look at Danny, the inspirer or encourager.
Danny's never give up attitude even when he's in the best shape of his life, encourage me to work on my talents - how I can improve and how I can best use them. I also depend on Danny's inspiration to keep going even when I'm frustrated or depressed. It seems every time I start to improve physically, something happens, making me worse physically than I was before. It has made me irrationally fear rehabilitation. But because of Danny I will do my best to overcome that fear. For all his inspiration and encouragement, I consider Danny my perfect inspiration!

So many blockheads found NKOTB in their adolescence and needed them to somehow escape their crises. My story is the opposite, and I'm grateful there are others like me. I was mostly oblivious to any crises there may have been in my youth. But, as an adult, especially in the last 3 years, I have faced more difficulties than I could handle alone. Similarly, the New Kids lived relatively peaceful lives when they started in the 80s. But as they've grown since then, they have experienced sorrow, physical issues, and confusion. The fact that all have experienced the obstacles of life and can come back to perform, entertain, and encourage us to support worthy causes is sometimes just what I need to get through the day.

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