L*A*W - Entering 2011 extremely grateful for 2010

Artist: L*A*W
Genre: "Planet 12 Syndrome"
Albums: "Tha Planet 12 Syndrome"
Miscellaneous: Over 25 songs licensed with MTV, Vh1, E!, and Oxygen networks; cameo and music licensed in the production of "We Are the Hartmans".

What better way to start my 2011 music blogs with the incredibly talented L*A*W who has had a phenomenal year last year and is expecting an even better year in 2011.

After being musically mentored by some of the best in the industry (family members - Sam “Bluzman” Taylor, Professor Charles Taylor, Bobby Taylor, drummer Tony “T-Funk” Alston, and drummer Rudy Worrell; and p-funk phenom - George Clinton), Lawrence Worrell, aka L*A*W stepped out on his own blending genres of funk, soul, pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and jazz into what he calls the "Planet 12 Syndrome". While he certainly brings credibility to the industry that demands attention, it was the music he created that received tremendous hype and that has ultimately given him so much to be grateful for over the past year.

In June 2010, L*A*W released his 16-song LP, "Tha Planet 12 Syndrome". While not affiliated with any major record company, the album has received raved reviews from those in the industry and was ultimately requested to be submitted for a grammy nomination. This is one of the few times that an independent album has received such a recognition. The lyrics and musicianship show such tremendous expertise, I am not surprised the album received acknowledgement it has, but this was only the start of L*A*W's accolades.

Since the album's release, L*A*W began working with the production staff of the forthcoming film, "We Are the Hartmans"; launched his website, was listed as #1 in the New & Now section of Sesac Publishing magazine, and joining a record label. In addition, L*A*W is currently working on a book.

In one of his live performances, Bon Jovi once talked about a conversation he had with his mother where she said, "if youre gonna listen to your favorite singers and songwriters and call them your influences find out who their influences were". This is perhaps one of the greatest gifts, aside from his music, that L*A*W offers his fans. He will never hide his musical tastes or influences regardless of others' opinions. Interspersed in his status updates on facebook, L*A*W offers tributes to all of those he believes crafted the very best of music.

While genre categorization is a convenience for fans, L*A*W shows how a blending of many can be the future.

I encourage everyone to give L*A*W a listen. For more information about L*A*W and to stay up to date on his projects and performances, fans can check out his website, his facebook page, his youtube channel, or his twitter.

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