Music and Education

Today is my great-grandmother's birthday. If she were still alive, she would be 106 years old! Unfortunately, she passed in 1996. I still miss her. She was perhaps the most influential person in my life while growing up. And it didn't hurt that she was the only member of my family who shared my birthday month, my love for our opal birthstone, and my love for white gold.

If I could, I would be asking for her advice right now, but instead I will ask you, my readers.

Recently I posted on my school's website, seeking some advice. From my website, you can see my passions are education and music. There's certainly nothing wrong with having dual passions, but trying to merge them into a career may sound strange!

I certainly don't want to give up my dream of being an educational researcher. I'm in the final stages of my doctoral program, so to drop out would be a waste of money, and I'm sure a detriment to my desired career. So, I'm staying the course and should graduate in the spring of 2012. Plus, I love learning in general. I love how the brain works. I recently became acquainted with a lady who is both a neurologist and an elementary school teacher, and her theories of how children learn are simply amazing. I would love to learn more about this emerging field of neuro-education and add it to my list of skills I can offer.

But with my newfound interest in music (Thank you Donnie Wahlberg), I have found another area where I feel I can be extremely successful. I have truly enjoyed meeting all the artists, music managers, and producers I have met through facebook, twitter, and email. And, of course, I have loved the opportunites they have given me. I want to continue down this path for as long as I can because I feel I can be a tremendous help in exactly what I'm doing as long as I continue to learn the industry and to make as many contacts as I have.

So the advice I'm seeking, am I crazy to think I can combine the two passions? They are so vastly different; yet, some of the skills are the same: writing, research, meeting others, solving problems, finding solutions, etc.

I realize I don't get very much input on my blog, but for those who do read my ramblings, I would love your advice!
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