Third Revision of my Dissertation Proposal

Last night, I submitted my third revision of my dissertation proposal. In all honesty, it's the second, but because I sent a half completed proposal (accidentally, of course), when I submitted it the first time, I'm counting this one as number three.

The biggest difficulty was explaining why there was no definitive mark of reliability and validity of the test I want to use in my dissertation. It should have hit me early on, but I missed it. Although the test (tool) I want to use in my dissertation has been used countless times before, it is a subjective test. Whoever is completing the questionnaire is answering questions from his own experiences. So, while repeated completions of the questionnaire are consistent for each person, in general, researchers can only give a range of validity/reliability for it.

Anyway, once I realized that obvious factor, it was easy to rewrite that portion of my proposal and resubmit. I hope I hear back soon. I have almost completed my chapter one and am ready to move on to chapter two as soon as I get the okay from my dissertation mentor.
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