Two More Artists for your Listening Pleasure

The next two artists I want to share don't actually share the same genre, but I love them just the same.

Again, all of these artists I met as a result of my support of NKOTB. Remember my earlier blog about how being a fan taught me more than I ever thought I'd know about music? Well, the majority of that is my introduction to new artists such as Soul and Roscoe Umali.

Soul or Solange currently resides in Montreal. Actually, she's originally from South America and is trilingual, speaking and singing in Spanish, French, and English. She describes herself as R&B, Soul, Latin Pop, and Funk; and has participated in songwriting as well as mentoring new young artists in Montreal. Her voice is incredibly melodic and her knowledge of every single musical detail is extensive. She can listen to an artist and tell you who that artist's inspiration is or whose style that artist is imitating. She is simply amazing. If you would like to listen to her music, you can check her out at She is also on twitter at

Before collaborating with Donnie Wahlberg on "Rise N Grind", Roscoe Umail had already made a name for himself. Both by himself and in collaboration with other artists, his music was rising up the charts. Finding his strength in his Filipino roots, he crafts his songs from his life experiences. His song, "Never Fallin" reflects the courage one has in the face of diversity, and he is one of the few like JBR, Shaymin, Tanya D, and Mugsy who is reviving the true rhythm of Hip Hop and bringing it to a new generation of listeners. You can listen to Roscoe Umali's music at his myspace page, He is also on twitter at

Before I close this blog, I want to make mention of myspace. Many have left myspace for the preferred social networking site, Facebook. However, for artists, myspace and reverbnation are still the better sites. Unlike facebook, myspace allows the artist to customize his page and add a playlist to feature his songs. Reverbnation allows the artist to set up a street team or a fanbase and can easily notify those fans of new music and concerts. It is my belief that myspace should continue marketing to musical artists as a venue to get their music promoted to a wide fanbase.
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