financial aid

For those who are interested, I plan to conduct financial aid workshops in early January at the local Key Center Library to help new and continuing students complete their FAFSAs and answer any miscellaneous questions about financial aid. I have been contacted to consult with a company on their decision to outsource their student financial aid to a third-party servicer. I hadn't considered offering that service; however, given my background working with a small school both independently and with a third-party servicer, I admit I am uniquely qualified to consult on such matters.

I do love financial aid, but I hate the politics involved in working for a school. I think in the future, wherever I might end up, I will consult with schools and help students and families with financial aid, but I will never work for a school as a financial aid administrator again.

For those interested in contacting me, I have worked for both a liberal arts university and a for-profit vocational school. I have been involved in all aspects of financial aid, and now not being affiliated with any school, I can offer un-biased advice in not only filling out the FAFSA, but where to look for scholarships and choosing which school to attend based on the financial aid factor. I'm not going to charge for any services offered in the area of financial aid. I would simply ask if you felt assisted by me you would tell someone else. Referrals are most definitely the highest form of flattery and certainly the highest wage I could ever earn.
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